The Book Was Better

Young people aged 18-25 aren’t reading as much anymore. This could be due to shorter attention spans due to the nature of social media. Since there are many known benefits of reading, this brief aims to reignite the spark of reading for Gen Z, and to sell the experience of reading a book.

The response is to create a book club that specifically caters to this age group. The club’s monthly book will come from a title that has been adapted into a movie/ TV series. This would help narrowing the large pool of books down and pique the target audience’s interest. This book club will also release a monthly Book Box to make reading a more immersive experience.

︎Branding, packaging, UI/UX design
︎Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma


A character mascot has been created, supporting the cheeky name of ‘The Book Was Better’ and for better brand association. A vibrant and lively colour palette has also been adopted to bring more fun to the brand.

Book Box

A sample monthly book box based off The Queen’s Gambit. It includes the book, a bookmark and reading tabs. Book specific elements include a mini chess set, TicTacs to mimick the tranquilizers, as well as tea and candle in collaboration with independent UK brands.

Mobile App

The app is how users can fully become part of the book club. It gives them access to the club’s events, monthly picks and helps them track their reading and become a part of the community.

Please click on the image to view a working prototype.


The website mainly serves as an e-commerce platform for merchandise and Book Boxes, as well as to provide more information about the book club itself, however there is strong redirection to the user to download the app throughout.

Please click on the image to view a working prototype.


Outdoor posters will also be put up around London for offline marketing. The posters serve as a promotional touchpoint to the brand, while Instagram is used as the primary social media account. Apart from informational posts, it is also a fun platform, sharing the occasional meme and building a community.

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