Seeing Beyond Faces

🥈 Young Spikes PR Competition 2024 –– Silver

To raise donations for Club Heal’s unfunded programmes that support people with mental health conditions, we came up with a PR concept that aims to break the stigma and label of these illnesses. We’ll reshape societal attitudes by symbolizing society’s struggle to see beyond labels, ultimately fostering understanding and empathy.

Agency: VML Singapore
Creatives: Shalom Lim & Rhonda Wong

︎PR, advertising, art direction
︎Adobe Photoshop


Stigma surrounding mental health fuels low self-esteem and perpetuates societal misunderstanding, making it hard for many to see beyond the label of mental illness.


A core concept in Asian and Singaporean culture is ‘face’, which represents one’s reputation, influence, dignity, and moral standing in society.

Visual Concept

We’ll use this concept of ‘face’ as a visual aid, to demonstrate how individuals with mental health conditions are less confident due to the stigma they face.

Social Launch

We'll develop a filter to blur faces, symbolizing society's challenge in seeing beyond mental health conditions, emphasizing that individuals with these issues still have emotions like anyone else.

We've enlisted DPM Lawrence Wong, an openly passionate mental health advocate, to lead the movement, given his ability to connect with people from all walks of life.

PR Launch

Blurring prominent iconic statues across Singapore can help spark intrigue and drive momentum for our movement.


This microsite serves as the primary call to action, displaying a collage of blurred faces representing those with mental health conditions. Users can donate to the cause, uncovering clearer faces with each contribution. It also offers donation options and details about Club Heal's programs.

Our dynamic and interactive OOH print ads feature blurred faces in diverse social scenes. Users can donate instantly, and watch as faces come into focus. QR codes on the ad will lead to the microsite.

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