Jeju-based skincare brand Ouri (’us’ in Korean language) was crafted to stand out in a overly saturated and minimalistic skincare market. The brand’s unique selling point is customisable skincare, where a product is specially formulated for the consumer based on their skin type and skin goals. It uses a main ingredient of sparkling spring water and the consumer’s choice of one subingredients (green tea, volcanic extract, seaweed and camilia) to complement the main ingredient.

This was an industry practice brief, a collaboration between Parallel Studio and the Graphic Branding & Identity course at the London College of Communication. 

︎Branding, packaging, marketing, UI/UX design
︎Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Dimension, Figma


The + represents the supporting subingredients, with the O representing the main ingredient of sparkling spring water, with a wave through it to further emphasise the water element.




Social media 

Celebrity endorsements


Please click on the image to view a working prototype.
This prototype features the customisation part and generates products based on the answers given. It has other pages such as about and ingredients, to give a roundedness to the brand.

Please click on the image to view a working prototype.

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