Open Door Theory

There has been an increase in unhappiness in the local workplace, which leads to negative effects for both the employer and employee. Open Door Theory and it’s Office Survival Kit™️ aim to provide opportunities for organisations and their employees to interact in a fun and cheeky way.

︎ Branding, packaging and editorial layout
︎Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, inDesign and XD


Survival Kit

The Office Survival Kit. ™️ was birthed to start conversations. The different components in the kit are specially designed to incorporate a fun element into these conversations.

  1. How to: Employee
    A guidebook to help you navigate your way through the office, especially for new employees. Features tips on office communication, workplace productivity and more.

  2. Post-it Notes
    Express your love or disdain for your boss or co-worker freely. Spark a real conversation with these notes.

  3. Coupon Book
    The Employee Coupon Book is here to make your life easier when asking for favours from your boss. Be empowered to ask for an extended lunch or coffee break.

  4. Converse
    Say goodbye to awkward lunches. With this deck of specially curated questions and a chance to customise your own questions, get the conversation balls rolling with ease.


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