Flove Airways

There is no better time to travel than now. Flove Airways was created to encourage travellers to skip the overthinking and book themselves a holiday spontaneously, after a long hiatus of air travel. In addition to conventional flight booking, Flove also features a blind booking system for the more adventurous travellers.

This was an industry practice brief, a collaboration between Foreign Policy Design and the Graphic Branding & Identity course at the London College of Communication.

︎Branding, packaging, social media, marketing, UI/UX design
︎Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma


The branding of Flove was created to be expressive, experimental and free with movement, in contrast with existing airline companies who have extremely corporate style branding. The custom wordmark, visual elements and imagery are meant to communicate freedom and spontaneity.

Flove is the combination of two words:
fling noun; a short period of enjoyment or wild behaviour and 
rove verb; travel constantly without a fixed destination; wander.

Aircraft Exterior

The aircraft wing features a zoomed in version of the logo, with a colour combination on the aircraft body that captures the liveliness of the brand.

Boarding Pass

The boarding pass has been designed with a standard layout with some brand elements present without it being too distracting.

Care Kit

The kit will be distributed to passengers to allow them to feel safe in an era of airborne diseases. It includes hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, surgical mask, snack and a sticker pack. Applications of how the sticker can be used is shown. Travellers can choose to utilise the stickers for personal items, or choose to stick it on the walls of their destination country as a mark that they were there.


Brand Awareness

Posters include a brand-focused and blind-booking focused visual. The brand poster focuses on communicating the brand essence, while the bus stop poster is more copy-based to promote the blind booking system, with an emphasis on how easy it is to fly with Flove.

Social Media 

The Instagram page serves as a touchpoint for communciating information and to allow the audience to get to know the brand in a more informal way.


The Flove website prototype includes two routes; a traditional booking system and blind booking system. It features an interactive questionnaire to narrow down possible destinations for the audience.

Please click on the image to view a working prototype.

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