Alone Together

Alone Together is a social campaign by Jellycat in hopes of making loneliness feel lighter for young people in a time of lockdowns.

Loneliness is a social issue that is difficult to get out of once an individual becomes fully isolated. Thus, prevention is key and this campaign encourages people to check in on the people around them. It also provides socialising opportunities for the isolated individual.

︎ Campaign strategy, social media marketing, packaging design, UI/UX design
︎ Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and XD

Campaign Overview

Social Media and Outdoor Advertising

The posters encourage the target audience to send some love to someone they are thinking of and may not have seen in a while due to Covid.

Social media has been used as the main form of advertising as usage has increased heavily since the pandemic started. Bus shelter ads are also included to reach out to those heading out for essentials.

Toy Packaging

The Jellycat toy gets sent to the recepient through mail in an Alone Together special edition box, as well as a matching tag attached to the toy. The tag features a message from the sender as well as a unique barcode to scan on the Alone Together app to bring their toy to life.

Mobile app

After users scan the barcode and create their account, they will see their toy translate into a virtual space. The main goal of the game is to care for your avatar by feeding, showering and keeping their happiness levels high. Players are also able to visit social settings and interact with other players in real time. There is a feature to help them find other people playing near them.

Please click on the image to view a working prototype.

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